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"Buffalo Township has a noble history.  Loyal patriots have given the best of their abilities to establish this for us.  There is no nobler patriotism than a love for one's community, for the hills that bound the horizon, for the buildings that spell home, an the trees that raise their branches toward the floating clouds.  To work for the advancement of a community is to work for the advancement of a nation." - Joyce Corkle, 1976, History of Buffalo Township

Buffalo Township is a flourishing township in Perry County, Pennsylvania that is home to residences and businesses alike.  Located in the far east of Perry County, the township is split by three mountain ridges: Berry Mountain, Buffalo Mountain and Half Falls Mountain.  To the east, boarders the Susquehanna River, and Acker Road starts the longitudinal line of our western boarder.  We bolster two wineries, Bucks Valley Winery and Hunters Valley Winery and the largest dairy operations in Eastern Perry County - Smith's Dairy Farm.  Buffalo Township maintains 29 miles of roads.  Students of the area go to Newport School District. 

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